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Milk Drops 2 Performance – Ann Arbor Film Festival

Milk Drops 2, Performance as part of ‘Off the Screen!’ exhibition reception at Ann Arbor Arts Centre as part of ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL, Michigan, 28 March 2019

Off The Screen Scedule
Live Cinema At Ann Arbor Film Festival

‘Milk Drops’ started out as an exploration of seeing in what ways film emulsion could be considered beyond photochemical emulsion. With a focus, in this particular project, of using and exploring milk as an emulsion.

In ‘Milk Drops’, milk is used on 16mm clear film leader by way of a sequence of single drops of milk formed through using a pipette. The milk drops form their own shapes/forms on the clear leader and give the sense of a dynamic animated dance when projected, exploring ideas around movement and the illusion of movement that film constructs.


Using a pipette to place drops of milk on 16mm clear film leader. Milk is an emulsion and using it instead of photochemical emulsion on film.


The oil in the milk, works as the binder, allowing the milk to stick to the film leader just as gelatine does in standard photochemical emulsion. The images below show how the milk looks on the film leader once the water content in the milk has evaporated.


Playing a loop of 16mm film leader that has a sequence of milk drops on it through a standard 16mm film projector.


The images below show the same loop of 16mm film leader with the sequence of milk drops on it. But being played through a scientific analytic 16mm film projector. Such projectors were used a lot in medical and biology research.

The projector comes with a remote controller that allows you to change frame rate, going from allowing you to freeze an individual frame (without the film melting) and then going from 2 fps, 4fps, 8fps, 12 fps and 16fps by way of a pulse rate which gives a stroboscopic effect.

The projector has 24 fps but only on a continuous rate giving a smoother effect rather than the stroboscopic or flicker effect.

Milk Drop Stills
milk drops sg1
milk drops sg4
milk drops sg2
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